Responsible e-Waste Management

The ever growing technology in the electrical and electronic sector has resulted in increase of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Safe disposal of WEEE is important since it contains over a thousand materials, much of which are highly toxic. At present 95% of e-Waste continues to be recycled informally with little or no safeguards to human health and the environment. The new e-Waste guidelines from the Ministry of Environment and Forests seeks to introduce regulations and responsibilities to all the stakeholders.

e-Waste Management in Bangalore: Our initiatives

Saahas has worked closely with several partners including the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, GIZ (formerly GTZ or German Technical Cooperation) and EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) to study various issues related to generation of e-Waste; its flow through the system, recycling and final disposal.

Informal sector up-gradation

Saahas worked in association with the Indo-German-Swiss initiative to upgrade the informal sector which is actively engaged in e-Waste recycling. Saahas is the implementing partner for ‘Establishing e-Waste Channels to Enhance Environment Friendly Recycling (WEEE-Recycle)’ programme. The WEEE Recycle programme is a GIZ-ASEM initiative with partners Adelphi, Toxic Links, and MAIT. It is implemented across four cities Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Pune. In Bangalore, the programme supports small scale authorized e-waste recyclers (who earlier worked in the informal sector) to strengthen their capacities. It also looks at establishing an e-Waste collection system.

Establishing a collection system

We have established a collection channel for households and organizations to dispose e-Waste to authorized recyclers. Saahas has an authorized e-waste collection centre in BTM 2nd Stage and at the Kasa Rasa Centre in Ejipura, where your e-Waste can be dropped off. The material collected is sent to authorized e-waste recyclers.

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