Plastics Recycling

1. Plastics Industry in India: A BPF overview (Published by British Plastics Federation, 2011, at
This paper looks at the plastic industry in India, the demand and supply, technologies used and the consumption patterns of the different industries.

2. Plastic Recycling in Bangalore – India, Esha Shah Rajaram, (Published by Waste – Advisers on Urban Environment and Development, UWEP – Urban Waste Expertise Programme, 2011)
This study has been done by the UWEP, the Urban Waste Expertise Programme. The objective of this research was to analyse practices followed by small scale plastic recovery and recycling units in Bangalore, India. It attempts to inquire into how plastic recycling units functions with relation to technical, environmental/health and financial/economic aspects. It also seeks to identify the possibility of occupational health hazards due to recycling.

3. Recycling and recovery routes of plastic solid waste (PSW): A review. S.M. Al-Salem, P. Lettieri, J. Baeyens (Waste Management 29 (2009) 2625–2643,
Plastic solid waste (PSW) presents challenges and opportunities to societies regardless of their sustainability awareness and technological advances. In this paper, recent progress in the recycling and recovery of PSW is reviewed. Special emphasis is given to waste generated from polyolefinic sources, which makes up a great percentage of our daily single-life cycle plastic products

4. Plastics and Environment, By Dr.Zareena Begum.
(Centre of Excellence in Environmental Economics, Madras School of Economics, 2012, at
This paper on the ecological impacts of plastics is part of a series of short dissemination papers published by The Centre of Excellence in Environmental Economics. The purpose of these is to explain the concepts of environmental economics to non-economists

5. The archive section of the website Simply Sustain LLC, has several interesting and thought provoking articles and presentations on plastic waste, recycling and sustainability. These are available for download from the website.