1. Discussion Paper on Collection and Recycling of Waste Paper in India (Published by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, 2011 at )

This paper has been prepared with the objective of developing a suitable policy framework to define the obligations of producers and users, to sensitize the citizens to improve the segregation, collection and reuse of waste paper in the country and to evolve a sustainable and workable mechanism for achieving a significant level of recovery of waste paper by 2025.

2. Government & NGO Support in Glass Re-cyclingby AGI Glasspac , a SBU of HSIL Ltd, at a seminar held by the All India Glass Manufacturers federation (AIGMF),2011 at

A Seminar presentation that focusses on the need to reuse and recycle glass. The presentation also touches upon the role of the government and the NGO in promoting this effort.

3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycling, SWM Learning Program in India by IPE in association with CEE at

This is a teaching module that discusses the concept of waste minimization as the significant to waste management. It talks about the magnitude of recyclable or reusable waste found in the municipal waste stream. It also deals with current practices of organic waste recycling and outlines strategies for better recovery of reusable and recyclable materials.

4. Best Practices for Local Government Solid Waste Recycling, Diversion from Landfill and Waste Reduction. Prepared by Mecklenburg County Land Use & Environmental Services Agency, Solid Waste Division, 2011 at

A case study of the Mecklenburg County solid waste management plan, that seeks to identify best practises that could contribute to higher diversion of waste from landfills to recycling.

5. Recycling Rates of Metals: A status report.

(United Nations Environment Programme, 2011 at…/Metals_Recycling_Rates_110412-1.pdf ). In this report a group of experts from the industry, academia and governments have evaluated the recycling rate for 60 metals. The recycling rates have been defines and the results presented for all the metals from 3 different perspectives or definitions of recycling rates.

6. Ferrous Scrap Update: Global and Indian Markets Ikbal Nathani,

(Metal Recycling Association of India, 2010 at This paper gives us a detailed statistical account of the global ferrous scrap trade. it also gives us details about the Indian scrap market as well as challenges faced by ferrous scrap recyclers in India.