• Saahas Waste Management Solutions Pvt Ltd implements systems wherein waste is managed as close to the source of generation as possible. We work with apartments, corporate and government campuses, educational institutions and communities.

    We also partner with corporates to support them fulfill their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) through safe collection and recycling.

    The company provides consultancy services including conducting a waste audit. This instrument helps all waste generators plan infrastructure and management of their own in-house waste facility.

    For waste generated in bulk, we also exchange paper and carton boxes for our well designed recycled paper stationery products Across all locations.

    Saahas today manages 7 tonnes of waste per day. This includes wet/organic, dry/recyclable waste and e-Waste
  • Our waste audit services are offered to all new customers who intend to introduce on-site waste management in their apartment complexes, commercial enterprises or educational institutions.

    The audit is a tool which helps determine the various types of waste generated the sources and quantities.

    The detailed audit report also includes our recommendations for infrastructure requirements and on-going monthly cost of operations.

    For customers who decide to act on the audit the next steps that would follow include

    a. Putting up necessary infrastructure
    b. Introduction of waste segregation
    c. Training for all maids and housekeeping
    d. Sensitization for all employees/residents/students
    e. Maintenance and monitoring of system through Saahas
  • The programme works with all waste generators namely apartments, households, schools and communities to manage both the wet, dry and e-waste fractions of waste.

    All this waste is managed at source through composting, biogas and secondary sorting of dry waste. The programme begins with a waste audit after which the following steps are executed.

    a. Putting up necessary infrastructure
    b. Introduction of waste segregation
    c. Training for all maids and housekeeping
    d. Sensitization for all employees/residents/students
    e. Maintenance and monitoring of system
  • Saahas offers services to property managers and construction companies who are in the initial stages of development of properties.

    It is now mandatory for all new constructions to have in-house waste management facilities.

    Saahas assists in helping companies fulfill this requirement.
  • “Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy principal to promote total life-cycle environmental improvements of product systems by extending responsibilities of the manufacturer of the product to various parts of the products life cycle and especially to the take back, recovery and final disposal of the product.” Thomas Lindquist, Swedish, clean production expert, who coined the term in 1990.

    Today the concept is well developed and seriously implemented in most European countries and in the USA.

    India too has introduced legislation in the form of the e-Waste Rules (2012) and the New Plastic Waste Management Rules (2011).

    This legislation makes it mandatory for producers to take responsibility for collection and recycling of their end of life packaging waste or other products.

    Saahas helps producers fulfill their EPR by providing services that facilitate a collection and safe recycling of post consumer Tetra Pak cartons and various types of e-Waste
  • Saahas has an ongoing program with Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd for collection and recycling of post consumer cartons. Saahas has introduced collection boxes in apartments, schools and corporate offices for collection of the same.

    In addition we have also linked up with various scrap dealers and waste retrievers. Currently on an average we collect around 30 tonnes of post consumer Tetra Pak every month.

    In addition we also collect factory waste from different corporates. All this material is diverted from landfill and dump sites into recycling. This has also become an added source of income for waste retrievers and scrap dealers.

    Our Tetra Pak Collection Points The Tetra Pak cartons collected are sent to Delux Recycling Pvt Ltd.

    The paper component which makes up about 75% of the package is recycled back into paper products. The rest which includes polyethylene and aluminum is recycled into different products including roofing sheets.

    Tetra Pak recycled products available at Saahas
  • Establishing a collection system

    Saahas has established a collection channel for households and organizations to dispose e-Waste to authorized recyclers.

    Saahas has a e-waste collection centre which is authorized by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board at Kasa Rasa Unit in Ejipura, where other e-Waste can be dropped off. The material collected is sent to authorized e-waste recyclers.

    Apart from this, Saahas has several public collection points where general public can drop off their e-Waste (Link to list of Public collection points).

    Saahas also provides a service at a nominal cost to collect e-Waste from apartments. Please contact us for details.
  • corporates typically generate large quantities of shredded paper, newspaper and carton boxes.

    All this waste can easily be recycled.

    Saahas has a range of recycled stationery products which it offers to corporates in exchange for their waste paper and carton boxes.