Team Saahas

Waste Management and Recycling are mostly handled by the informal sector in India and have remained quite labour intensive. Over the last few years, Saahas has been able to create well defined job streams and have provided professional employment opportunities to many working in the informal sector with better work environment, job security and financial benefits.

The Team at Saahas

Divya Tiwari
Divya TiwariProgram Co-Ordinator for Products
A graduate in Chemical Engineering from NIT Trichy, Divya completed her PhD in Operations from IIM Bangalore. She has about 12 years of experience in the area of Supply Chain Management and Process Engineering.

As Program Co-Ordinator for Products, Divya aims to promote awareness and build a market for the Saahas Products, all made from the waste we collect and process. She also manages the supply chain.

Sunita V
Sunita VProgramme Manager – Awareness and Community Waste Management
With a Masters in Social Work from Bangalore University, Sunita has worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Bhoruka Charitable trust for the KSAPS- FSW project.

At Saahas, she is engaged in community awareness Programs on solid waste management at schools and neighbourhood with the support of community members, and BBMP officials. She also manages the Volunteer Programmes at Saahas.

PrashantProject Coordinator
Tara Sriram
Tara Sriram Project Manager
Srinivas Murthy G SAdmin
Srinivas Prashanth SanjeeviField Co-coordinator, Hyderabad