Urban Compost


More than 60% of waste generated by a city constitutes organic waste. Composting organic waste generates huge volumes of organic manure. Composting organic waste is a good solution for managing all organic waste. Today, there is also a good technology available to compost large volumes of waste in a minimum space. Likewise there is also biological solution to control odour and other negative aspects of composting. This solution is also integrated into the Government of India Legislation.

Composting also creates for livelihood to the Base of Pyramid segment. This job does not require any specific skill and hence creates opportunities for unskilled BOP segment. Sale of compost triggers creation of more job opportunities for BOP population and hence the living condition of the population improves. Beyond the time frame of the MA grant, the revenues generated from this business model would help to sustain their jobs.

1> Organic Compost
Organic manure with the right amount of nutrients to nourish your soil and garden.
2> Vermicompost
Made by the experts themselves – our dear farmers’ friends – the earthworms. Nourish the soil and plants in your garden and lawn with Vermi compost enriched with Neem and Pongamia cakes, Jeeva amruth, Panchagavya, Nitrogen fixing bacteria and beneficial microorganisms.
3> Compost Activator
It is a rewarding experience, returning to the earth what we take from it. A mix containing microbial culture embedded in sterilized compost base, the activator will enhance the degradation process to make composting odour free. Activator can help to quicken the process of composting.

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