Dunzo it to us

Now you can Dunzo your e-waste by downloading the Dunzo App and following the below steps.

Install Dunzo App

Install/open Dunzo App and click on send packages. You can also download the App here.

Fill details & confirm pickup

Enter/select your pickup address and delivery address as SAAHAS. For contact person details mention +91 7349737586. Select your package content as "Electronic Items" & confirm your pickup.

Instructions for Dunzo users

  • This is only for small items like laptops, mobile phones, chargers, etc can be disposed using this option. For pick up of larger items, call us on +91 7349737586.
  • Pack your e-waste properly and put a sticker with your Name, mail id and contact number mentioned on it so that we can send out a receipt for the e-waste sent by you.
  • Do not use this option to send CFLs and batteries which contain hazardous elements like Mercury and Lead.