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Source: This article was originally published on The Better India

Bengaluru is the third largest e-waste producer in India after Mumbai and Delhi. It generates 37,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste every year.

Earlier this year, NGOs Saahas and Environmental Synergies in Development (Ensyde) had installed 12 e-waste (electronic waste) drop-off boxes in post offices and Bangalore One centers in the city and collected 4.4 tonnes of it in 10 months. They recovered 306 kg of metals and diverted 26.34 kg of toxic metals from landfills.

Now, along with BM Kaval Residents’ Welfare Association, the NGOs have introduced the first e-waste bin in a public place in Bengaluru.

The bin was installed in CMH Road on Saturday morning.

Friday, 06 October 2017 18:46


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Source: This article was originally published on Times of India


Read on to learn how a few young entrepreneurs are working towards preventing the city from becoming `the e-waste junkyard' of the country

E-waste is one of the rapidly increasing sources of waste in the country. While India is the fifth largest producer of e-waste, Bengaluru stands third in the country with more than 100,000 tonnes of e-waste produced annually. Most of the city's e-waste comprises computers and cell phones, which are dismantled manually, thus creating a health hazard as they pollute the environment with their toxic heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium.


Former India cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly at the event on Wednesday. (Parveen Kumar/HT)


Source: This article was originally published on Hindustan Times

Former Indian cricket captain and brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Sourav Ganguly, shared how his daughter is careful of handling waste and tells them at home to segregate waste in proper form. He said it is important to pass the right message through the young generation, as the children are much more mature and have more exposure in schools about waste management.

He was speaking at a waste segregation program- ‘Alag Karo- Har Din Teen Bin’ held in the city on Wednesday. The initiative is aimed at establishing and sustaining the segregation of waste at the source and capacity building of the waste collectors.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 11:50

Street play spreads awareness on e-waste at Forum Mall

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Source: This article was originally published on Citizen Matters

Do you remember the famous wedding video invite with an LED display that had the family lip-syncing to a choreographed welcome song and dance? Ever wondered what happened to the card after the wedding? This was the storyline for the Street play performed by Kaledio to raise awareness on e-waste. 

Alag Karo initiative is aimed at establishing and sustaining segregation of waste at source and building capacities of the waste collectors


Source: This article was originally published on The Economic Times

A multi-stakeholder Municipal solid waste management program, ‘Alag Karo Har Din Teen Bin’, in Gurugram was launched this week. The objective of the program, pivoted by Saahas, a non-profit organization, is to establish and sustain segregation at source and develop capacities of the waste collectors (formal and informal) to ensure high recycling rates in Gurugram. The program aims to reach out to 9000 households; 50 commercial establishments such as Offices and Malls; 50 schools and 500 waste pickers in order to spread awareness about three-way source segregation -dry waste, wet waste, and hazardous waste.

Jagran correspondent, Naya Gurugram: Former captain of the Indian cricket team and Clean India campaign


Source: This article was originally published on Jagran

Jagran Correspondent, Naya Gurugram: Sourav Ganguly, former captain of the Indian cricket team and brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, was in Gurugram on Wednesday. Ganguly, who came as a chief guest in the Solid Waste Management program 'Alag Karo, Everyday Teen Bin', launched by Sahas Ki, a non-profit organization, said that I have been actively involved in the cleanliness drive for the last three years. I go to various programs, especially whenever I go to school or college, I am amazed to see the enthusiasm of students towards cleanliness. Today's children are aware of cleanliness. They are also aware of cleanliness not only in schools, colleges but also in the house and surroundings. A lot can be learned from children.

Source: This article was originally published on Time of India

Gurgaon: Civil society members, civic authorities and private sector biggies have joined hands to do “something different” to inculcate better waste management practices among residents to achieve what now seems like a distant dream — a Gurgaon that is free of garbage littered on roadsides and on vacant plots.

On Wednesday, former India cricket captain Sourav Ganguly launched a solid waste management programme, ‘Alag Karo, Har Din Teen Bin’, in the city to promote segregation at source and develop capacities for effective trash collection to ensure high rates of recycling in the city.

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 20:00

Seminar - Waste Segregation Program 'Alag Karo'

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Saturday, 22 July 2017 01:12

NGOs to start campaign to spread awareness on e-waste

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Authorized e-waste recyclers remove harmful materials, including mercury, lead, cadmium, phosphorus, and beryllium, and dispose them of safely. DH file photo.


NGOs working for decades to reduce electronic and electrical waste are worried about the state of Bengaluru, where people are yet to understand the hazards of e-waste. 

Saahas and Ensyde, two NGOs that have tied up with BBMP to reduce informal recycling of e-waste, will launch ‘bE-Responsible’, an awareness campaign to mark the anniversary of the waste collection programme on Saturday.


Source: This article was originally published on The Better India

With the number of mobile users and phones growing exponentially across the country, it becomes even more imperative for conscientious citizens to ensure e-waste generated is disposed of correctly without causing harm to the environment.

And now if you live in Bengaluru, you can stop worrying about your e-waste because two organizations have come together to help members of the general public with the disposal. Environmental Synergies in Development (ENSYDE) and Saahas, companies that are part of the waste management industry have put up e-waste collection units in various spots in the region.

In addition to the drop-off points, there is also a mobile unit that goes around the area collecting e-waste.

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