Consultancy & Research

We constantly endeavour to find solutions for difficult waste streams for which large-scale solutions do not exist. Our team of well-qualified and trained staff is constantly engaged in research on topics which can solve the yet unsolved problems of certain waste streams. We engage with ULBs for capacity building and policy advocacy. We conduct waste audits to identify the most appropriate waste management solutions for different types of communities and campuses. 

          Consultancy & Research Program

We have done detailed studies on different problem areas like:

  • Problems posed by plastics to the environment
  • Comparative study of different disposal methods like decentralized waste processing vs                      Centralized Solutions like waste to energy
  • Options for disposal of non-recyclable dry waste like laminates (multi-layer packaging)
  • Ways to support integration of informal sector into the formal recycling supply chains
  • Effect of mixing Tetra Pak Cartons with color paper in recycling

We conduct detailed audits of various locations to propose suitable solutions. We have done
waste audits at:

  • Madivala vegetable market with BOSCH, Villages under Hulimavu and
  • Chikkajala panchayat with ITC, 6 wards in Hosur with Titan, Decathlon
  • Anubhava outlet and many more

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