12 steps to a zero-waste lifestyle

Buy Upcycled

Upcycling reduces the waste going to landfill and minimizes the need for production using new raw materials.

Repair Karo

Repair extends the life of a product, reducing consumption and CO2 emissions.

Buy unpacked

Packaging constitues 60% of all plastic used by weight.

Reuse Straws

Straws are one of the most littered plastic items,
most of them end up in our water bodies harming marine life.

period Care

A menstrual cup is RASH-free, TRASH-free and
CASH-free. It lasts for 10 years, replacing thousands
of sanitary pads.

Waste segregation at source

Segregating waste at source can save 95% of waste from going to the landfills.

Bring your
own bottle

7,00,000 plastic water bottles used in a single marathon, 1 tree is cut to make 2461 paper cups.

Avoid takeaway dine-in instead

Consuming hot food packed in plastic containers is harmful for our health and may lead to kidney/liver diseases, digestive disorders and cancer.

gift wrapping

50,000 trees are cut down each year to make
wrapping paper which is used just once!

Compost your kitchen waste

Composting your wet waste at home, can divert 60% of household waste from landfill.

Reusable decoration

India has emerged as the 4th largest recycler in the world, let us aim to become the biggest “reuser”.

Borrow not buy

Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, automobile being the most polluting one.

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Zero Waste Office

Saahas partnered with Rainmatter Foundation and put together a guidebook for offices to relook at their processes and reduce the waste footprint. The guidebook and a few accompanying posters are available for download below.

Guidebook & Posters

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