E-waste awareness and collection from non-bulk generators


Wards in South Bengaluru and Mahadevapura Zone of Bengaluru

Supported By

VMware Software India Pvt Ltd and Western Digital

Focus Areas

Awareness and Behavioural Change


Nov 2016 to March 2022


20,000 households


3.5MT of e-waste per month



Key stakeholders

Community, Entrepreneurs

E-waste has emerged as the fastest-growing waste stream in the last decade and India is the 3rd largest producer of e-waste. Bengaluru, which is the IT hub of the country is the 3rd largest generator of e-waste in India. E-waste contains many substances that are hazardous to human health and pose a serious threat if not handled carefully.  Only 30% of e-waste gets recycled, of which close to 90% is recycled by the informal sector which results in poor resource recovery and uncontrolled release of the hazardous material into the environment. The objective of the bE-Responsible project was to provide awareness to households, schools, Institutions, and Offices about the dangers of e-waste and facilitate the collection of non-bulk e-waste.  As part of this program, public drop boxes have been placed at convenient locations for people to drop their e-waste. The program was being run across Bangalore and was implemented with our partner NGO ENSYDE

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