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Promotion of home and community composting in South Bangalore



Supported By

Simeio Development Center Private Limited

Focus Areas

Decentralised wet waste management


July 2022 to March 2024

Direct Beneficiaries

500 Households in South Bangalore

Waste handled

1MT per day at end of the project



Key stakeholders


Home composting is the most decentralized form of managing our wet waste and can give immense satisfaction to the person practicing it. While improving the soil quality by giving back to nature what we have taken from it, home composting also reduces the collection burden on municipal collection systems and improves source segregation levels. The biggest barriers to home composting have been that the practitioners need handholding in the initial composting cycles to get the confidence to continue the practice. 

Under the BhooMitra program, we have been able to reach out to a large part of South Bengaluru and enabled the adoption of home composting by 335 households so far. 5 communities also adopted on-site or community composting and were able to continue the process through support and encouragement from our team. This resulted in the diversion of 0.9MT of wet waste from landfills per day. As part of the support from Simeo from Dec 2023 to March 2024, we have installed 7 community composters in residential societies and continued to support the earlier households and societies by answering their queries.