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Circular Realty


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Awareness and collection of construction & demolition waste from non-bulk generators



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Synergizers Sustainability Foundation

Focus Areas

Special Waste Streams - construction & demolition waste; Awareness & behavioural change


December 2021 to March 2024


Pan Bangalore


Reached out to 7500 directly and ~7 Lakh people through Social Media. Collection of 73 MT of C&D waste with 560 beneficiaries to date



Key stakeholders

Community and Recyclers

Bangalore, like any other metro city of the country, is seeing a huge expansion coupled with a large amount of construction activity. The city generates close to 3500-4000 tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste per day, a large part of which either gets dumped in open dump sites blocking pedestrian paths or gets dumped in low lying areas or water bodies. Very little of the waste gets recycled, even though the city has 2 authorized recyclers of C&D waste. There is a lack of awareness about the rules around C&D disposal, the right means to dispose the C&D waste. Moreover, there is poor enforcement to prevent illegal dumping that has serious environment impact.

With growing awareness of waste recycling, many citizens would like to dispose their C&D waste in a responsible manner, but lack the information about whom to contact and how to get their waste disposed. There is need to make all citizens take ownership of their C&D waste to ensure that it is not being dumped in illegal ways and to make them aware about how it can be sent to the authorized destination.

“Circular Realty” is a project undertaken by Saahas to address the growing need for safe disposal of Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste.

  • Create awareness about C&D waste, current forms of disposal and environmental impact  through campaigns in RWAs, public events, sessions in educational and office institutions, and stakeholder workshops
  • Providing accessible disposal options for residents (non-bulk generators) of C&D waste 
  • Ensure right end destination for collected C&D by tie ups with authorized recyclers

A helpline number +91 8510091213 has been setup to answer queries and facilitate collection in Bangalore.