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Circular Waste Solutions – Bangalore


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Setting up sustainable solid waste management systems in Kolar District



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Focus Areas

Awareness and Behavioural Change


Dec 2021 to June 2024


3,60,000 households in Bangalore


Segregation percentage >75%



Key stakeholders

Community and Urban Local Body

The vision of the Mitigation Action Facility (formerly NAMA Facility) is to support the implementation of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA), and to induce transformational change towards a low-carbon development pathway. The Mitigation Action project will accelerate the low-carbon development of India’s waste sector through various actions taken by GIZ India to the central and selected state governments. Bengaluru and Trichy are part of the cities that have been chosen for the implementation of the NAMA Facility-funded "Waste Solutions for a Circular Economy in India" project.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Set up models for source segregation by door-to-door awareness, public events, demonstrations for home composting etc. covering a population of about 3,10,000 households.
  • Organizing training programs and events such as:
  1. Awareness sessions on low carbon waste management solutions amongst Citizen groups, ULB officials, and sanitation staff.
  2. Innovative campaigns like Cheela Mela conducted last year shall be replicated.
  3. Organize training for sanitation staff.
  4. Awareness events with the communities of the wards that we are working on.
  5. Organize clean-up drives and transformation of dumpsites. Pilot decentralized wet waste processing through the installation of lane composters.
  • Organize SUP ban awareness events in 3 selected markets along with setting up information boards.
  • Provide regular reports of activities carried out in the project.
  • Contribute to knowledge product development and knowledge exchange between actors in the chosen cities