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Hyderabad, Let’s recycle e-waste


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Awareness about e-waste , setting up collection mechanisms for non-bulk generators of e-waste, ensure collected e-waste reaches authorised recyclers in Hyderabad



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Axis Finance Limited

Focus Areas

Awareness & behavioural change; Special Waste Streams - E-waste


Sept 2023 to June 2024


1000 households and 5 educational institutions in year 1


Direct and indirect outreach to 25,000 people and collection of 2MT of e-waste in year 1



Key stakeholders

Community and Entrepreneurs/Recyclers


There is increasing awareness in people about source segregation and proper disposal of solid waste. However, most people are still clueless about what to do with their end-of-life electronic and electrical items. E-waste contains precious material which should to be extracted and recycled. It also contains harmful chemicals which need to be disposed of safely as per Government regulations.


E-waste management in  Hyderabad is a project whose focus is to spread awareness about the harmful effects of improper disposal of used electrical and electronic items,providing collection systems for residential societies, and engage authorized e-waste recyclers for formal recycling. The collection and disposal system has complete traceability from source to end destination, and similar projects have been carried out by Saahas in Bangalore and Gurgaon.