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Mission Swachh Kalyan Karnataka


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Setting up sustainable solid waste management systems in two districts of Kalyan Karnataka


Rural areas of Kalburgi and Yadgir Districts

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Rainmatter Foundation

Focus Areas

Awareness & behavioural change; Setting up end to end solid waste management system


September 2022 to Ongoing


100 Gram Panchayats across 2 districts


8 model Gram Panchayats established, and capacity building and handholding in 100 Gram Panchayats



Key stakeholders

Community and Rural Local Bodies

The Kalyan Karnataka region consists of 7 districts of North and Central Karnataka. While good solid waste management examples exist in southern and coastal districts of Karnataka, the Kalyan Karnataka region has poor performance track record in meeting the targets of Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin. The Government is keen to set up a few model well-functioning community run solid waste management systems in these districts which will act as lighthouse for rest of the gram panchayats.

As part of this initiative Saahas is working in 2 districts of Kalyan Karnataka, Kalburgi and Yadgir, to set up 4 model Gram Panchayats by engaging women belonging to SHGs to run the SWM systems. Along with building the model systems, scale up through capacity building is being carried out to 50 Gram Panchayats each in both the districts. Handholding support is being provided to district authorities to help them monitor the SWM systems after setting up the required infrastructure for waste collection and processing.