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Neelakadal Thooimai Pattinam

September 2023 to Ongoing

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Improving solid waste management in fisher folks colony at a beach in Chennai


Pattinapakkam beach, Chennai

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Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Pvt Ltd

Focus Areas

Awareness & behavioural change; Capacity building and handholding


September 2023 to Ongoing


10,000+ households and 350+ vendors


100% waste collection, >75% source segregation


Tamil Naidu

Key stakeholders

Community and Urban Local Body

Coastal areas of India pose significant environmental concerns in terms of waste management due to their proximity to the ocean and the potential for marine pollution. The management of plastic waste and the mitigation of ocean-bound plastics are critical challenges that our planet is currently facing. Single-use plastics, in particular, have become a pervasive environmental problem with far-reaching consequences for ecosystems, marine life, and human health. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in infrastructure development, establish proper waste collection systems, enhance waste processing and disposal capabilities, conduct awareness campaigns, and enforce stronger regulations to achieve effective waste management and combat plastic pollution in these ecologically sensitive coastal areas. The Pattinampakkam fish market, one of the largest fish markets in Chennai, spans a 2-kilometer stretch along the beach road. Most of the fisherfolk working in the market stay at the nearby housing colony constructed by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board.

The prime objective is to improve the waste management system by improving waste collection coverage, increasing source segregation percentage and reduced leakage into landfill and water Body from the Pattinampakkam fish market and housing colony. Other objectives include:

  • Organizing beach cleanup drives and engaging fishermen communities, vendors, market associations, customers, commercial establishments, and volunteers to raise awareness and create a sense of ownership among community members.
  • Hold consultations with GCC on Implementation of the ban on single use plastics under PWM Rules with effect from July 01, 2022.
  • ¬†Encourage the 350 vendors operating in the area to reduce their use of plastic bags and other plastic products and instead adopt sustainable alternatives.