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Sustainable waste management in Bangalore Bannerghatta Biological Park


Bangalore Bannerghatta Biological Park

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Rockwell Collins

Focus Areas

Awareness and Behavioural Change, Capacity Building and handholding


August 2020 to March 2024


The National Park and 4500+ households in 5 villages of Bannerghatta Gram Panchayat


Scientific processing of 15MT of wet waste and 1MT dry waste per month;



Key stakeholders

Community, Rural Local Body; Authorities running the National Park

The Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park, popularly known as BBBP, has been an integral part of Bannerghatta National Park and emerged out as an independent establishment during the year 2002.

It is located about 22 km south of Bengaluru city and has been carved out of the Gram Panchayats in the Bengaluru Urban District. The villages of the Bannerghatta Gram Panchayat are situated at the entry of the BBBP. There is a plastic ban inside the part, so visitors cannot carry any plastic bottles or carry bags inside. But there are a lot of vendors outside the park and a lot of waste gets generated there. Also, as the Bannerghatta Gram Panchayat doesn't have a waste collection system, the entry to the BBBP is lined with open dumpsites on both sides of the road.

The objective of the project was to improve the processing of the biodegradable waste (both food waste as well as the waste generated by the animals in the Park), and routing the other waste streams to the right end destinations. Building capacities of the staff deployed by BBBP for waste management was done to ensure the practices are sustained and the ownership remains with the BBBP officials. Awareness and sensitizing visitors to the park about the impact of improper waste management on wildlife and human health was also an objective of the project.

The Bannerghatta GP was included in the project coverage area in year 2 to improve the visual cleanliness of the approach road of the BBBP. Source segregation, improved collection coverage, and appropriate processing units were set up as part of this.

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