Change Matters


Life extension of products through repair and reuse



Supported By

VMware Software India Pvt Ltd

Focus Areas

Special Waste Streams - e-waste and bulky waste; Awareness & behavioural change


November 2021 to March 2024


South Bangalore


Reach out to 30,000 people; Collection of 18MT of e-waste and 52MT of bulky waste in 2.5 years



Key stakeholders

Community and entrepreneurs

In most of the cities, there is a system for doorstep collection of municipal solid waste. However, there are items like e-waste, old furniture, mattresses, clothes, toys, and books that are not handed over to the municipal waste collector because these can be repaired/refurbished/reused by another user. Life extension is a very important component of Circular Economy and through the Change Matters initiative, we demonstrate how this can be done in urban areas.

As part of this initiative, we facilitate doorstep collection of e-waste and other waste streams and divert the collected items to entrepreneurs who can repair and refurbish them and to NGOs who distribute them for reuse. This helps increase the income of entrepreneurs as well as reduce waste going into the landfill. 

A helpline number +91 8510091213 has been set up to answer queries and facilitate collection in Bangalore.

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