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Waste Management in Rural Siddipet


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Strengthening SWM in 3 mandals of Siddipet District, Telangana


51 GPs in Siddipet District

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CGI Information System Management Consultants Pvt Ltd

Focus Areas

Awareness and Behavioural Change, Capacity Building & Hand holding


May 2023 to Ongoing


5,000+ Households in 36 model GPs


iverting 14MT waste per day at the end og year 2



Key stakeholders

Community and Rural Local Bodies

Siddipet district is carved out of the erstwhile Medak district with the annexation of some parts of the Karimnagar and Warangal districts. The district comprises of 26 mandals and 399 Gram Panchayats. The Siddipet town has established a holistic solid waste management system and is serving as a lighthouse for not only other towns and cities in Telangana but also for people from across the country who want to set up SWM systems. However, the rural areas of Siddipet have not been that successful in operationalizing their assets of SWM. 

The objective of the intervention in rural Siddipet is to set up well-functioning systems in some of the GPs so that the same can be replicated in other parts of the district. The state of Telangana has made good progress in setting up composting infrastructure and there is a good understanding of wet waste processing among the practitioners, but there is a need to set up the dry waste value chain which can become viable if all the GPs in a manual start dry waste collection and aggregation. A key objective of this project is to facilitate collection of dry waste and routing it to the appropriate recyclers.