Waste Management

Live the Zero Waste Life……

First steps towards Zero Waste:

When you step out, always remember to carry your water bottle.

Always remember to carry a cloth shopping bag.

Instead of tissues, wet wipes – use handkerchief. Can be washed and reused.

Replace kitchen towels, sponge wipes with good old cloth.

Carry your own containers while ordering takeaway food.

Rent reusable steel plates/cups for parties instead of using disposable cups and plates.

Zero Waste from your home.

SEGERGATE your waste at source!! 

Even if the collection system in your neighbourhood does not collect segregated waste.

Try home composting of food waste. Check out, You reduce the waste being disposed by you by 60%

You can store your dry waste separately and give it to the kabadiwala for free or drop it at the nearest Dry Waste Collection Center.

Try menstrual cups or reusable cloth pads instead of sanitary pads.

Try to avoid/reduce the use of diapers. 

At the Restaurant:

Avoid the use of straws

Do not take extra ketchup/butter/jam/sugar sachets in your takeaway package. Most of them end up in bins
without even being opened.

Be a little thoughtful about how many tissues you are using.

Use the hand dryer instead of the hand tissue in the washroom.

Zero Waste Buying tips:

Refuse carrybags.

Buy products with minimal packaging; avoid overly packaged items, let the message be loud and clear!

Stop using one-time-use-and-throw items like paper cups, plastic spoons, disposable plates, use glass/steel vessels.

Shoes and clothes have limited recycling potential…..REDUCE.

Go back to repair instead of replace, especially electronic items.

Buy bigger packs instead of buying multiple small packs of items.

Avoid buying sachets, they are non-recyclable.

Zero Waste Gifting

Give gift coupons/cash instead of low quality stuff which doesn’t last.

Don’t gift wrap in shiny plastic wraps. Use paper, give a personal touch to the packaging. Check out ideas on

Refrain from buying low quality plastic toys as return gifts….most of them end in garbage bags within weeks!!

Finally, do talk about all of the above to people around you!